Mickey has been working as a supporting artist in TV and film for the last eight years, during which time he has become a regular monster on Doctor Who. His first job in fact, was as a Dalek operator in the Matt Smith era. Since then he has been a Cyberman on several occasions as well as various other monsters. He recently appeared in the latest series without make up, although in an equally villainous role, as a Nazi officer in cahoots with the Master.

Away from Dr Who, Mickey has been a sleazy jailor in Poldark, a roman soldier tripping on magic mushrooms in Britannia, a drug dealing abattoir worker in Gangs of London and a foil for comedy actress Daisy Cooper in This Country. Another highlight for him was swapping improv dialogue with Hugh Grant as a helicopter navigator in The Man from Uncle.

Acting wise he has a speaking part in an upcoming sequel to the old 60’s favourite, Randall & Hopkirk Deceased. When Mickey isn’t acting, he writes novels - having had five titles published so far, three horror novels under the pseudonym Leo Darke, and two original Dr Who novels for BBC Books.